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Fix `zsh: permission denied: ..` going up one directory

June 14, 2022  ‐ 1 min read

If you try to move up one directory in your Zsh shell using the .. but see the stated permission denied error there is a good chance you are used to an Oh-My-Zsh alias.

The .. command is not an existing Zsh shell command, thus you can expect the following to happen in a plain Zsh shell.

$ ..
zsh: permission denied: ..

But luckily, if Zsh can do this then so can we. We can make this work again by adding a Zsh shell alias to our ~/.zshrc file. In which we create an alias for cd .. as ...

# ~/.zshrc

alias ..='cd ..'

Do not forget to source your ~/.zshrc file after making the change, or to restart your shell.