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Reference Django settings from your code

April 27, 2021  ‐ 1 min read

Accessing your application settings in Django can be useful for several reasons. You may want to check whether you are running in debug mode or you may want to access some keys specific to your current environment. To access your settings you import a settings object from django.conf, instead of importing the settings module itself.

Note that django.conf.settings is an object and not a python module. Therefore you cannot import individual settings but you should access them via the settings object. This is shown in the example below.

from django.conf import settings


In case you are defining your own settings, which you are free to do, make sure to define them using an all uppercase name.

The settings object is only for reading settings, not for changing them. The only place where you should change your settings is in your Django settings module.

from django.conf import settings

settings.STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY = ''