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PHP check if string ends with substring

May 14, 2022  ‐ 2 min read

Do you need to find out whether a PHP string ends with a certain substring?

Checking whether a PHP string ends with a certain substring can be as easy as calling str_ends_with() or somewhat more complex logic using substr_compare() depending on your PHP version.

For PHP 8

PHP 8.0 introduced the new str_ends_with() function which is perfect for this use-case. It works just as expected, first you pass the string you wish to inspect and second the substring you are looking for. If the substring is present then the result will be true, otherwise it will be false.

<?php // PHP 8+

$result = str_ends_with('Pizza salami', 'salami');
// => true

The check is case-sensitive. In case you need to be case-insensitive you could use strtolower() to lowercase the entire string.

<?php // PHP 8+

$result = str_ends_with('Pizza Salami', 'salami');
// => false

$result = str_ends_with(strtolower('Pizza Salami'), 'salami');
// => true

There is one catch here, that is when checking whether your string ends with an empty string. This will always return true, since all strings end with an empty string.

PS. Besides the str_ends_with() function, PHP 8 also introduced a new str_starts_with() function.

For PHP 7

The approach for PHP 7 is somewhat more cryptic. You may use the substr_compare() function to compare a substring against the string you wish to check from a certain offset.

<?php // PHP 7

$result = substr_compare('Pizza salami', 'salami', -strlen('salami')) === 0;
// -> true