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Removing `li` elements from a list with JavaScript

April 28, 2021  ‐ 2 min read

Without having to reach for jQuery, Vue, React or another fancy library you can easily remove the contents of a HTML list with just plain JavaScript. Lets assume that we have the following list in HTML.

<ul id="example">

There is a couple ways we can go about removing the li elements, but we need to start with a selector to store our list in a variable. Since the list has the ID example we can use that to find the list in the DOM.

const list = document.getElementById("example");

Maybe the easiest way to empty the list is by setting its innerHTML. This will erase all the contents of the list.

list.innerHTML = "";

This will leave you with an empty list, as follows:

<ul id="example"></ul>

While effective, this approach is somewhat rigorous too. As mentioned before, it will erase all the contents of the list. So if you had something else in your list, like a div for example, it is removed as well.

Of course there is a way to just remove the li elements too. With a for loop we can remove just remove the li elements. We use a different selector here to get all the li's of the list instead of the list itself.

var listElements = document.querySelectorAll("#example li");

for (var i = 0; (li = listElements[i]); i++) {