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Check if a number is an integer in JavaScript

July 11, 2022  ‐ 1 min read

In certain cases you need to check whether the number that is passed as an argument or so is an integer.

For such a use-case we use the method Number.isInteger(). Which returns true if the number is an integer and false otherwise.

//=> true

Seems pretty straight forward but there are a couple gotchas to be aware of.

This one is probably as expected but integers as a string evaluate to false. If you are expecting an integer from a form field you should parse it first to an integer.

//=> false

Floating-point looking values which represent an integer evaluate to true:

//=> true

The same as above holds up when the precision limit of floats is exceeded, therefore the following evaluates to true:

//=> true

But with one less zero it evaluates to false:

//=> false